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Minutes of the AGM of the NBCP (Nederlandse Bridge Club Pattaya)

Monday, Sept. 24th 2018. 10.00hrs. at Tulip House, Jomtien Beach Road , Jomtien.

NBCP committee members present were:

Mr. M Corporaal, Mr F.Blokker, Mrs D. de Vries, Mr P. Wijnbergen.

Due to absence of the secretary Mrs. N. Allaard,  Mr. W. de Vries volunteerd to take the minutes.

  1. a) The Chairman opened the AGM and welcomed al members present.
    • The quorum of 25% of active members (40) was met. 16 Members were present either by proxy or in person.
    • The chairman thanked all the members who had been active in the committees during the past year.
  1. b) General overview of the activities in the past year.
  • Thanks to the organizers, Mr. J.v.d.Pol and Mr. F.Blokker, a winter bridge drive was held very successfully in January 2018. About 52 members enjoyed the bridge, the scenery and the delicious food. Bridge was played in 2 lines A and B.
  • Thanks to Mr. M. Corporaal, the summer bridge held in Thai Garden Resort, was also a big success. 32 Members participated in A and B line.
  • This year the NBCP added one more location to play bridge on Sundays. Therefor bridge is played at 3 different locations: Sunday’s at Tulip House, Tuesday’s at Mr. D. Bosma’s house and Thursday’s at Thai Garden Resort. Occasionally the Sunday game at Tulip House might be cancelled due to crowded other activities at Jomtien Beach. In this case members will be informed well in advance.
  1. c) Report from the Treasurer.
  • The treasurer gave a clear overview of the income and the expenses of the past year.
  • Main point of attention:
    • There was a negative income this year due to extra spending related to the extra location, new Thai registered playing cards and the Chonburi League fee. Except for the Chonburi League fee these extra expenses are not structural and the expectation is that next book year the income and expenses will be balanced again. However, some money will be set aside for the 15th anniversary.
  1. d) Report of the Cash Verification Committee
  • The Cash Verification Committee represented by Mr. G.J.van der Heide concluded that they were highly satisfied with the accuracy and details of the books. After requesting for more specific information, prompt and adequate answers were given. Therefor Mr. van der Heide informed the meeting that they found the books in good order and asked the meeting to discharge the treasurer and the total Committee for the book year 2017/2018.
  • Remark: Unfortunately Mr. J.v.d.Pol who was also a member of this year’s Verification Committee could not be present at this meeting due to hospitalization. We all wish Mr.v.d.Pol a quick and healthy recovery.
  1. Discharge of the Treasurer and the Committee
  • The members unanimously approved the discharge of the Treasurer and the Committee.
  • The Chairman thanked the Verification Committee, the Treasurer and the Committee..
  1. f) Election (re)election of the Committee members.
  • Resigning and not re-electable: Secretary Mrs. N. Allaard and committee member Mr. P. Wijnbergen. The chairman thanked Mrs. Allaard and Mr. Wijnbergen for their good support during many years. New candidates unanimously elected for these functions are Mrs. A. Lutjen as secretary and Mr. P.Glas as Committee member.  Mr.G.Verbruggen will help Mr P.Glas whenever he is available.
  • Mr. M.Pulles and Mr. G. Barel were unanimously accepted as new members for the Cash Verification Committee.
  • Mr. G. Verbruggen  was chosen as Committee Director in charge of all Bridge activities.
  • The chairman warmly thanked all outgoing members for their support during many years and welcomed the new members.
  1. g) Activity plan for the coming book year.
  • This year the NBCP will organize 2 bridge drives. The winter drive will be held the 2nd or 3rd week of January. Since it was the 15thanniversary of the club last year, the plan is to make this winter drive special (Any ideas and active support from the members are very welcome). The summer drive will be held end July or early August in Thai Garden Resort.
  • General remarks from the chairman;
    • It was once more stated that smoking at the bridge tables is not allowed.
    • The chairman also mentioned that the NBCP is a friendly club and (as also indicated in the rules and regulations) bridge should be played in a friendly atmosphere. Bridge should be played for entertainment and fun. It is expected to respect each other and keep the norms and values high. It is important to participate and support the club activities and not let a few people only do all the work.
    • The chairman, together with Mr. G.J. van der Heide, is looking into the possibility of participating in the NBB (Nederlandse Bridge Bond). The advantages would be the use of their Website and the possibility to collect bonus points for those players who are members of the NBB in the Netherlands. The disadvantage is the fee of 150 Euro per year for the club. On top of that players have to pay 22 Euro per person per year to the NBB, or a fee of approx. 40 Baht for each time the player plays bridge at our club, on top of the 100 Baht punch. This was discussed extensively and the outcome was not unanimous. Major comment from the attending members was that the NBB membership is not relevant for the Dutch and non-Dutch bridge players who live in Pattaya and never play in the Netherlands. However, the advantage of the use of the Website of the NBB might have merit. No final conclusion was drawn at the meeting.
  1. h) Any other business
  • Mr. G.Verbruggen proposed to introduce bridge competition rules to be used during all bridge days. Once these rules are available in Dutch and English it will be used as a final template for all disputes at the tables. This proposal was unanimously accepted.
  • Mr. C. Paparigian proposed to introduce an option for an ad hoc Committee of 3 members. This Committee would be installed after the session during which a dispute could not be resolved to the player(s) satisfaction. The decision of this committee should be binding. The meeting discussed this at length but voted against.
  • On behalf of all the members Mr. G. Barel thanked the committee members for their hard work and their dedication. He was supported by a strong applause from all present.
  • The Chairman thanked everybody for their support and is looking forward to a great 2018/2019 bridge year.




Minutes of the annual meeting 2017

Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Dutch bridge association on October 9, 2017 at the Tulip House in Jomtien.

Bridge committee members present: Noi Korevaar: president, Kees Pruimers: Vice president and secretary, Dinie de Vries: treasurer, Fred Blokker: bridge manager and events, Paul Wijnbergen: Materials managers, Nel Hilberts: minutes secretary.

Members present: Ton Tielen, Douwe Bosma, Rien Korevaar, Wim de Vries, Henri Allard,  Gert Jan van der Heide, Jan van der Pol, Matthieu Corporaal, Jan Hermans.

  1. Opening of the meeting by the chairman Kees Pruimers.

Kees welcomes all. He explains that the purpose of the meeting.

  1. To elect two members of the bridge committee.
  2. to present the financial state of the association
  3. topics for discussion and questions/this and that.
  1. Report on activities in the past year.

Kees states that because of the changes in legal position and the time it took to get things organized, the winter drive was postponed.

At the moment bridge is being played at three locations.

The summer drive took place at the Thai Garden resort on July 30.

  1. Report by the treasurer.

Dinie explains that because of the change of the book year from January 1 till December 31 into a book year from September 1 till September 1, the final report is not available yet.

All reports till August 2017 are available to all members.

  1. Report of the auditor

Auditor Douwe Bosma declares that he has found no fault in the finances as executed by Mrs. Dinie de Vries.

  1. Granting immunity of the treasurer.

The treasurer is granted immunity of all results of financial transactions till August 31 2017.

  1. Election and/or replacement committee members

This year the positions of President and treasurer are due.

Noi Korevaar acting President states that he is willing to continue. All members agree.

Dinie de Vries acting treasures states that she is available for re-election too. All members agree.

Kees Pruimers states that he no longer want to function as vice president. Matthieu Corporaal is elected unanimous by the members for this position.

The bridge committee now consists of the following members.

Nor Korevaar – President

Matthieu Corporaal – Vice President

Dinie de Vries – Treasurer

Kees Pruimers – Secretary

Fred Blokker – General Manager and events

Paul Wijnbergen – Material Manager

  1. Activities in the next year

Bridge will be played at all locations as usual. No change is expected or planned.

The winter drive will be organized by Jan van der Pol and Fred Blokker and will take place in February 2018.

The summer drive is to take place in August 2018.

  1. This and That

Rien Korevaar states that finding the website is difficult. He proposes to add 4 aces to the name of the association. All agree.

Dinie want to change the membership cards. To be continued.